Cartoon Cat Vector Clip Art

FREE Cartoon Cat Vector Clip Art

FREE Cartoon Cat Vector Clip Art   Miaow! Purr! Cat’s are today’s topic as I have uploaded a free cartoon cat vector/ clip-art thingy. Feel free to download the cartoon cat either as a hi-res image or a vector file. This follows on from my previous trend of uploading free vectors for visitors to my…

free dog clip art vector

Free Cartoon Dog Vector Clip Art

Cartoon Dog – FREE Vector Clip Art   Today I have uploaded a free, yes that’s right FREE cartoon dog vector clip art.. You are free to use the dog vector for personal projects. Though to use for commercial projects, you must email me for permission. Filesize: 2.31MB File Type: .ai License: Free for personal…

Cartoon Sea Creatures Fish

Portfolio Update 2016

Portfolio Update 2016 Most of the work on my site is a few years old now, so I thought it’d be best to update with some work from 2015 & 2016. It’s been a very busy couple of years with client work (for which I’m very grateful to all my wonderful clients). So I thought…

Business Man Cartoon Vector FREE

Free Business Man Cartoon Vector

Free Business Man Cartoon Vector   Business Man Cartoon Vector FREE. Every business needs a business man vector cartoon don’t they? How many times have you been on some businessy, corporate website and seen one of those little orange guys with a tie holding a giant pen?

Game of Thrones Cartoons

10 Game of Thrones Cartoons

10 Game of Thrones Cartoons Having recently completed the Breaking Bad cast, I decided to turn my attentions to Game of thrones characters. I love Game of Thrones, like many, many people. So I decided to create some of the cast members as cartoons. Sadly, due to there being as many cast members as the…

Free Cartoon Duck Vector

FREE Cartoon Duck Vector

FREE Cartoon Duck Vector   Roll-up, roll-up! Get your FREE cartoon duck vector here. Happy June everyone. What I like about June is that there are lots of ducks. And ducks are fun. Ducks like bread. I also like bread, especially in cake form. Therefore I like ducks. I even like cartoon ducks too. Such as…

cartoon koala bear vector clip art free

FREE Cartoon Koala Bear Clip-art Vector

FREE Cartoon Koala Bear Clip-art Vector   It’s been a little while since I uploaded any free stock illustrations. But today, I’ve uploaded this free koala bear cartoon vector for you. I usually get a lot of companies asking for custom-made Koala bear cartoon vectors and mascots. So I thought, being a popular choice (like…


Breaking Bad Cartoon Characters

Breaking Bad Cartoon Characters Today, (well not today. The past few weeks on and off) I have created some Breaking Bad cartoon characters. AMC’s Breaking Bad is one of my favorite TV shows. So I chose 7 of the most popular characters to turn into cartoons. Also with the help of some suggestions from my followers…

Cartoon Robot Free Vector

FREE Cartoon Robot Vector

Free Cartoon Robot Vector Clip Art   Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last free vector upload. So here is a non-animal free vector for a change. It’s a robot vector. Inspired slightly by Futurama’s Bender robot, as well as others. Well, enjoy this free robot vector. And please note it’s for…

Free Cartoon Monkey Vector Clip Art

FREE Cartoon Monkey Vector Clip Art

FREE Cartoon Monkey Clip Art Vector   How many famous cartoon monkey’s can you think of? Well there’s Aladdin’s Abu, Curious George, The Coco Pops Monkey, King Louie (Jungle Book). They are all famous cartoon monkeys. So today I have added a free cartoon monkey vector for you! This free cartoon monkey vector is of…