FREE Cartoon Koala Bear Clip-art Vector


cartoon koala bear vector clip art free
FREE Koala Bear Cartoon Vector

It’s been a little while since I uploaded any free stock illustrations. But today, I’ve uploaded this free koala bear cartoon vector for you. I usually get a lot of companies asking for custom-made Koala bear cartoon vectors and mascots. So I thought, being a popular choice (like the dogs, cats & monkeys) I should upload this piece of clip-art next.

Please note this free koala bear cartoon vector is for personal use only. If you wish to use them on a more commercial basis, then please email me.

To Download the hi-res Koala Bear cartoon png;

1) Right-click > Then ‘Open Link In New Tab’>

2) Right click the newly opened image> Save As.

Otherwise, just clicking it will launch the gallery image and it’s very difficult to save from there.



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To download the vector file of the cartoon Koala Bear, click the link below..

Cartoon Koala Vector Download Link