Cartoonist For Hire

When your business or project needs an injection of some eye-catching designs, you can hire me to create compelling cartoons that will captivate your customers and help to grow your brand.

I believe that hiring a cartoonist should be an easy, stress-free process. You can trust me to communicate well, understand your needs and provide you with the quality your project deserves.

The best part? My services include unlimited revisions.

Cartoonist For Hire

My Most Popular Services

I create beautiful mascot designs to act as the face of your business, for costumes and more…

My illustration services include cartoons for your books, products and everything else…

My  comic services range from single panel artwork to full blown graphic novels…

My professional character designs are perfect for your animation and gaming projects…

Looking to create a game for mobile and tablet? Well, I’m looking to create artwork for you!

Logos are necessary for all businesses. Cartoons make them stand out from the crowd.

I don’t stop at commercial work. I also create personalized caricature gifts from photos too.

Not ready to spend just yet? I have free clip art you can use and test out for your projects.

Why Hire Me For Your Project?

So, you’re looking to hire a cartoonist for your business or project? I’m sure you’ll agree that it can be a huge headache to find the right person for the job.

This is where I come in. In the 13 years I’ve been a freelance cartoonist, I’ve gained immense insight and invaluable experience in understanding your project and your creative needs. As a result, I’ve become a leader in my field for all things cartoon illustration-related.

It’s vital you hire a cartoonist that communicates well, has extensive knowledge and experience with all the latest software and technology and most importantly understands you and your project.

Above all, I can fulfill all your graphical needs and make the entire process as stress-free for you as possible. 

From Hand-Drawn

All my illustrations are digitally hand-drawn. Therefore, they are sketched, outlined and colored on a Wacom Cintiq HD. I use Sketchbook for the sketching, then Photoshop or Illustrator for the outlines and coloring.

Unbeatable 1-on-1

Over the years, I’ve studied customer service and marketing a lot. I value my customer service just as much as my artwork. I believe it’s extremely important to treat every client like they are the “million dollar” client.

Vast Experience

I’ve been a freelance cartoonist for hire going on 13 years. In that time, I’ve studied and honed my craft. But I’m always still learning. I think once you believe you’ve mastered something, you can no longer grow and improve.

Unique & Versatile

While I have an obvious style to my work that is unique to me, I can also create cartoon artwork in many different styles as you will discover if I’m lucky enough to have you look through my portfolio. 

Scalable & Editable

A good number of my client projects are created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The latter will provide you with the ability to scale and edit the artwork to your hearts desire. The PS files can be edited too.

How To Hire Me

Step 1 - Process

1. Get In Touch/ Send Ideas

The first part of this process is to get in touch and let me know what your requirements are. Once we’re settled on what it is you want, I will provide you with a quote. Consequently, once we’re both happy, you can hire me and we can commence the work.

Step 2 - Process

2. Drafting + Revisions

Now you’ve officially hired a cartoonist. After giving you a completion date (average is between 5-10 working days), I’ll send you a draft. It may be a sketch, black and white line-art or full color depending on the project or your preference. This is where you have the opportunity to make necessary revisions and tweaks.

Step 3 - Process

3. Delivery

So, after making any potential revisions, this is where your artwork is finalized and delivered to you digitally via email (or DropBox). The file will be delivered in any image format you wish. Some projects require vectors, others don’t. I will give the source file on request at no extra charge.

4. Payment

I require a 50% deposit to book you in. Then the final payment can be made prior to the final delivery of artwork. All artwork will be sent as low-res with a watermark while working through drafts. Once payment has been received, all artwork will be delivered and rights transferred.

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There Is No Client Too Big Or Too Small For Me. I Work With Global Brands, Small Corporations, Start-ups & Individuals. I Cater For Everyone.

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