Free Revisions

When you hire an artist, can you imagine something more disappointing than receiving the design or the draft and it hasn’t quite hit the mark? Then you’ve got to pay for the artist to revise it. Then maybe it’s not right the second time and you have to pay for it again. And so on until your budget is tanked.

This can happen a lot when hiring artists. Especially when they charge by the hour because you’re paying for their time after all.

With me, the price I quote you for is what you pay. Including all revisions. No hidden fees. As long as they are within the criteria of your brief and are within the right status window. 

Freelance Cartoonist Free Revisions

What Qualifies as a Free Revision?

Initial Criteria

  • Revisions are free as long as the changes are within the scope of your initial brief/ criteria that was agreed when or before the deposit was paid to secure the booking.

  • For example, If you specified in your brief that the character you want is a Rastafarian frog, then it would be chargeable if after the sketch is completed you wanted to change it to a Hawaiian pig. Because by changing it to a Hawaiian pig, you are deviating away from the original brief which was agreed upon.

  • It would be perfectly okay if you wanted to change any aspect of the sketch that relates to the Rastafarian frog. For example, if I drew the character with dreadlocks and a hat, but you wanted to change the length of the dreads and the angle of the hat… this is an example of the revisions being within the criteria of your brief.

  • I’m not completely picky when it comes to revisions though. Depending on the situation I might allow for certain changes that might be outside of the initial brief, but it would largely depend on what it was. For example, if after seeing the sketch, you decided you wanted the Rastafarian frog to be wearing a pair of converse sneakers (with which this specific item was not mentioned in the brief), then it’s likely I’ll be happy to oblige and make the change.

  • However if after seeing the sketch you decided you wanted the Rastafarian frog to have a parrot on his shoulder. Then this is likely to incur a fee as we’re now in the territory of adding a whole new character.

  • In these types of situations, common sense applies. But you would have to expect paid revisions could be likely if they deviate somewhat from the initial brief.  

Revisions Must Be Made Within Correct Design Stage

  • Typically there are 2 key stages to the design. There’s the first stage, which is the pencil sketch. Then once approved, we move on to the second stage which is the full color rendering.

  • It’s within the pencil phase that we work out fully what the character will look like and set up it’s structure.

  • In regards to a full scene illustration, this is the phase also where we establish the composition and layout of the scene and characters.

  • Once this stage is approved by you to be rendered and coloured, then any changes you wish to make to the layout, composition and structure of the design would likely now be chargeable upon commencement of the final rendering.

  • Once the final rendering and color is complete, you can freely make changes to the colors until the design is fully approved.

How Long Do I have to Make Revisions?

  • You can make use of free revisions until you’ve approved design phase or the final rendering.

  • The revisions will otherwise have to be made within 14 days of the latest draft being completed.

  • If after those 14 days I’ve heard nothing back from you, (after sending a follow up too), then this will automatically be deemed an approval and therefore free revisions are forfeited.

The Best Way To Avoid Paid Revisions

  • The simplest way to avoid paid revisions is to be as clear as possible in your initial brief and be sure to cover all your basic needs and expectations. This way, when we agree on the design before booking the work, we both know which direction we’re heading and revisions should be small and minimal.

I Reserve The Right To Refuse Revisions

  • Although thankfully this has never actually happened… If in the event I feel the offer of free revisions are being abused-  i.e .. the client is asking for excessive and unnecessary changes (that are within the initial criteria), then I reserve the right to refuse these and cancel the order.


When I can offer a Refund..

  • Refunds will be offered in the unlikely event we get nowhere with revisions or I feel that I cannot achieve what was set out. Usually this is just the deposit as that’s usually the amount that’s been paid for the booking.
  • I will also offer a refund in the event I’m unable to fulfil a booking due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • In the event the client wishes to cancel an order after sending a deposit, a refund is only possible with at least 72 hours notice. The client will be advised on a turnaround prior to the booking. Cancellations made within 72 hours of the design work commencing will not be refunded as it’s not enough notice to fill the booking.

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