Hire A 2D Mobile Game Artist

Looking to hire a 2D mobile game artist? In my graphical journey as a cartoonist, I have more recently stumbled into the mobile gaming realm. Almost accidentally becoming a mobile game artist. This is probably the newest, but also one of the most exciting chapters in my cartooning career. It’s great to see your artwork come to life in a gaming fashion and be able to control your own characters etc.

Well, anyway, as a 2D mobile game artist, I not only create characters for games, but also backgrounds, menus and GUI. Basically everything that is visual about games and apps, is what I do. Below are examples of my work.

01      Game Artist      Game Menu Artist

mobile-game-artist       Mobile Game Artist      Flappy Bird Artist

GUI Artist for Games and Apps      Angry- Birds Artist      Mobile Game Illustrator

mock      photo 3      photo 4

I get many people inquiring about my mobile game artist services. Probably because mobile gaming has experienced a huge boom of late, due to there being many more indie developers now than there ever was, thanks to the huge wave of overnight success stories on the App Store (Angry Birds, Candy Crush etc). So now, many people want to take a crack at it. This in turn means there is a huge demand for mobile game artists such as myself.

So, why not hire me as your mobile game artist? Get in touch. Let’s talk.