Portfolio Update 2016

Most of the work on my site is a few years old now, so I thought it’d be best to update with some work from 2015 & 2016. It’s been a very busy couple of years with client work (for which I’m very grateful to all my wonderful clients). So I thought I’d showcase my picks here.

I’d like to add that before anyone inquires about the images below, they are all legally owned by clients of mine so I can’t sell them on. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Mascot & Character Design

Little Girl Cartoon Character
Little Girl Character Design

Prospector Cartoon Character
Prospector Character

Gangster Cartoon Character

Cartoon Sea Creatures Fish
Cartoon Sea Creatures

Delivery Man Cartoon
Delivery Man Cartoon

American Cartoon Character
American Politician Cartoon Character

Albert Einstein Cartoon
Albert Einstein Cartoon

Arab Cartoon Character
Arab Footballer Cartoon Character

Cartoon Squirrel Riding Bike
Cartoon Squirrel

Pop Art Cartoon Character
Pop Art Mascot

Mascot Man
Mascot Character

Character Turnaround
Character Turnaround

Sheep Character Model Sheet
Character Model Sheet

General Illustrations

Kids Books Illustrations
Children’s Book Illustrations

Luna-Tikes Illustrations

Running Man Cartoon Character
Running Man Cartoon

Cartoon Test Monkey
Cartoon Test Monkey

Accident Cartoon
Falling Bricks Cartoon

London Bus Cartoon Character
London Bus Character

JobCase Motivational Cartoons

Job Case Motivational Cartoon
Leap of Faith Motivational

Insomnia Motivational Cartoon
Insomnia Motivational

Motivational Cartoon
Greatness Motivational

Motivational Cartoon
Napoleon Hill Motivational

JobCase Interview Tip Cartoons

Interview Tip Cartoon
Job Interview Tip

Interview Tip Cartoon
Job Interview Tip

Comic Strips

Oculus Rift Comic Strip

(Click Comic To Enlarge)