Hire An Illustrator

Looking to hire an illustrator for your project? Below are a load of cartoon illustrations that I have clients have hired me for over the years. These illustrations are for things such as children’s books, websites, calendars, promotional images, posters and much more. As a cartoon illustrator for hire, I’m able to put almost anything into ‘cartoon form’.

disney-cartoon-illustrator      vitamin-c-cartoon      only-fools-and-horses-cartoon-illustrator

22      hedgehog-cartoon      jeremy-clarkson-delorean-cartoon

judges-cartoon      living-room-scene      youtube-header

david-cameron-jeremy-paxman-cartoon      disney-cartoon-characters      cartoon-road-trip

bicycle_cartoon      cartoon-bird      beanstalk-cartoon

airport-cartoon      inspirational-cartoon      dog-cartoon


If you’re looking to hire an illustrator, you should hire me because:-

I undertake any type of cartoon-related work.

If you have some ideas that you think are just ‘too crazy’ for me to take on as work, believe me, I’ve had crazier. The only type of work I won’t undertake is anything that would be deemed illegal or just morally offensive. I very rarely have to turn work away, but there have been one or two exceptions. Equally, the same goes for anything you think might seem ‘boring’ or ‘uninteresting’. Chances are, I will still undertake that project.

I can capture most any cartoon style.

When I say I can capture most any cartoon style, I mean, in the second dimension. I don’t do 3D modelling work, i.e Disney Pixar type. There are styles of cartoons that are very, very different to mine. I can try my best to re-capture those styles as best I can, but if you’re after Picasso style cartoons, or something kind of abstract, then you may be better off looking for an abstract artist or someone to that degree. Not a cartoon illustrator. But if you’ve seen a cartoon on TV that you happen to like the style of, chances are, I can capture that style or look.

I offer a great one-to-one customer service.

My customer service, I like to think, is as good as you will find from any ‘hirable’ (not horrible) cartoon illustrator. I will speak to you as a human being first and foremost, and not like as robotic sales rep. I’m very friendly and approachable, but I always keep it professional at the same time. I will always keep you informed as to the current situation of your artwork. Or you could email me, and I’ll always reply. I’ll always maintain a friendly and professional manner throughout the creative process and even when our business is finished. I have past-clients email me with thing like “I don’t know if you remember me, but I ordered some cartoons a few years ago…”. I always remember my clients and customers. Every single one of them. At the end of the day, they effectively pay my bills as a cartoon illustrator. That’s why it’s important for me to offer the best customer service.

My prices are very competitive.

You will find, that for the services and quality of artwork I offer, there is no other cartoon illustrator around who can match that with my prices. I would never call my artwork ‘cheap’ as I feel that degrades both my work and those hiring me. I would say my artwork is affordable. I’m very ‘down’ with the market and I know what others charge for artwork. It’s why I’m very confident that my prices are unmatched for the artwork I offer.

I’m always looking to develop my cartoon illustration skills.

I’m not an artist who is set in his ways. I’m always willing to learn new techniques and different styles to help myself grow as an artist. I’ve been creating custom artwork online for nearly a decade now, yet I’m always learning and always improving. I’m not always right, and I never claim to be. This is great for you as I value your input as a customer or client very greatly, plus you get a big say in your artwork. This way you wont get me declaring that what I’m doing is right and you should stick with it because “I know best”. I always work in tandem with my clients.

I can develop ideas for your project with you.

Continuing from my previous point. Using my skills, experience and expertise as a cartoon illustrator, I can advise and suggest ideas for your designs. Equally, I’m happy to sit back and be told what to do. I still may throw in a suggestion here and there. But I’m happy if you are.

I guarantee satisfaction for your cartoon illustrations.

I guarantee that you will be happy with the final piece of artwork. This is because most of my services include “unlimited modifications”. Which means I will work on the artwork with you until you are happy with it. I’ve never had to give a refund before.

So there are just a few reasons why I think you should hire me as your cartoon illustrator.

Want to hire me? Contact me here.