Celebrity Cartoons

Celebrity Cartoons

Welcome to my celebrity cartoons section, or celebrity caricatures if you prefer. Below are cartoons of celebrities you might (or might not) recognise. If not, their names are printed at the bottom of the pagew. Click on each individual celebrity cartoon or celebrity caricature to enlarge. You can see many more celebrity cartoons I’ve created on my Facebook page.

Johnny Depp Celebrity Cartoons      Barack Obama Cartoon      Katy Perry Cartoon

Rihanna Cartoon      Michael Jackson Cartoon      Russell Brand Cartoon

Justin Bieber Cartoon      Will Smith Cartoon      Simon Cowell Cartoon

Paris Hilton Cartoon      Lady Gaga Cartoon      Kim Kardashian Cartoon

Hugh Laurie Cartoon      Britney Spears Cartoon      Amy Winehouse Cartoon

We have the ever popular Michael Jackson cartoon down there too. ‘Michael Jackson Cartoon‘ has been my most searched celebrity cartoon to date (though ‘Justin Bieber Cartoon’) is very quickly catching up. Followed by Paris Hilton, Barack Obama and Lady Gaga.

If you can think of celebrity cartoons you would to see here as a cartoon, then please email me and I will get around to doing it. Please only choose celebrities who are recognizable and who are globally well-known. David Beckham for example would be a good choice because almost everybody has heard of him. But please don’t suggest someone like your favorite member of Bananarama. Most people won’t know who it is. No care.

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